He excelled at every level of his education and in business.

Pete Durand was a graduate of the Hill School, the Middleburg Academy, and the Berklee College of Music. His musical talents were recognized by everyone, but he was equally strong in traditional academic subjects, building and repairing guitars, knowledge of antique clocks, and fine cuisine.  Even at such a young age, he was a true renaissance man.

Pete loved music. When once asked if he had played a guitar one day, he responded “I play every day as much as I can – I could not live without playing my guitars”. He played multiple instruments, most of which he taught himself.  He felt the happiest when he was playing and recording music. He had a passion for collecting and playing vintage guitars and amplifiers and took great pride in his collection. He had the uncanny ability to identify any note from any voice or instrument. Pete designed and supervised the construction of his studio, M80 Recording Studio, a place quickly recognized as competitive with the very best studios on the east coast. (It’s a hit: Purcellville music studio attracts recording artists from far and wide.)

The studio has made a profound impact on the music community and its legacy will continue.

Pete playing guitar
musical instruments
music composer

Pete was many things; a serious musician, a businessman, a quiet composer and technician, a “rock and roller”, a fiercely loyal friend, a friend to animals, and an inspiration to so many. When he played guitar everyone listening knew that they were in the presence of a musical genius. Above all, he was dedicated to the idea that everyone should have the joy of music creation if they wanted it. He was a teacher, a mentor, and supporter of music in all its forms.

It is for that reason that we created the Pete Durand Music for Everyone Foundation – to continue his dedication of music participation for all. He left us too soon but we seek through the Foundation to keep his passion and commitments alive.